JTD ASTRO – The Dual Rig Alignment Saddle - made in England by J Tech Design

Regarded as one of the finest alignment saddles money can buy, the JTD Dual Rig Alignment Saddle is designed to adapt to the modern astronomer’s needs.

Hand-made in the UK, this premium quality alignment saddle is crafted using modern materials to create a robust and reliable rig suitable for medium and larger sized dual telescope set-ups.

The JTD Saddle fits any Losmandy-D mounting plate using both imperial and metric hole positions, making this an adaptable and reliable piece of equipment suitable for use with most brands.

The JTD Dual Rig Alignment Saddle can carry a load of up to 9kg, with no shake or excess movement. It measures 336mm x 103mm x 50mm excluding adjustment knobs, making it compact enough for mobile kits as well as static observatory mounts.

Finished in matt black to minimise any reflection, the anodised aluminium is robust, strong, and reliable.

An essential addition for any serious amateur or professional astronomer, it’s quick and simple to mount and adjust, allowing the user to accurately align a twin-scope set-up and make the most of every imaging or observing session.

Custom hole configurations are available – please contact JTD for more information.

Supplied with UNC and Metric Fixing Bolts

      £299 GBP

Mounting Holes